9th Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium

25-28 August 2022
European Cultural Center, Delphi




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The main theme of the 9th Delphi Conference will be “Xenos”. The word “Xenos” in ancient Greek means “the one coming from outside”, “the other” or “the visitor”. This concept has always been ambiguous and its meaning depends on the context in which it is used. In psychoanalysis the concept of the foreigner is ubiquitous. The common element in all psychoanalytic approaches to the concept of the “Xenos” is the emphasis on man’s basic ambivalence towards himself, the strange or alien inside and outside of himself, and towards “that which is not me”.

Organizing committee: Evi Zacharakopoulou, K. Bazaridis, F. Bobos, M. Chatziandreou, A. Christopoulos, T. Hadjiyanni, D. Jackson, S. Manolopoulos, D. Panitz.


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