9th Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium

 26-29 August 2021, 25-28 August 2022 Delphi

The European Cultural Center of Delphi


Dear Colleagues
We hope that this e-mail finds you well and strong, facing and coping with the multifaced threats and difficulties of corona crisis.

It’s more than one year that humanity – and each one of us – have been trying to protect and help life go on and the struggle is still going on…

During a recent meeting of the Organizing Committee we discussed for quite long about “how” and “ when” the 9th. Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium can be held.

Although the vaccinations have started worldwide, we realize that we will not know if things are safe before mid-June. Obviously, the whole preparation from both sides ( participants and organizers) needs much more time than 2 months.

Also we all agreed that the character of the Symposium is directly connected with the meeting of people in the special space and landscape of Delphi.

So the Organizing Committee decided to postpone the 9th. Delphi International Psychoanalytic Symposium for 2022. ( 25-28 August 2022).

We hope to see you there….

Warm regards,

Evi Zacharakopoulou  Dimitris J. Jackson


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